Welcome to the new Dismal Ax website...
I will be adding more pages and links and such soon, but here is an overview of the
current lineup, illustrating the basics of each model, and general price range.
I am now selling direct, and entertaining custom commissions.
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For more info, please contact me~  fangwen@dismalax.com
Also, please visit my blog to see new work as I complete it.
the Rusticator

Single cutaway~
Solid or chambered body with bolt-on
Humbucking pickups
Tuneomatic, or aluminum
compensated bridge
Double cutaway~ same, but with set
neck and 3x3 angled headstock
the Barnstormer

Single and double cutaway models~
Solid, chambered, or hollowed rafter
body, with bolt-on neck.
Single coil, or two humbucking
Brass three-saddle, or aluminum
compensated bridge
25" scale, 22 frets