Springtime in the hollow

That time of year again when the moss calls and I come thither, camera in hand, if I have remembered to bring it.
I collect the sunlight in my hollow and flow it through the ether to your own retinas, for convenient perusal…








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#1403 Rusticator redesign


I have been in the process, yet again, of redesigning all my stuff.
I haven’t done a Rusticator in a long time, so it seemed like a good place to start.
Here are a couple of the early ones~


And the new~


The body of this one is made from salvaged white oak, is about 1 3/8″ thick, and has two large cavities routed out of the front, so despite being made of such heavy wood, the whole guitar weighs just shy of eight pounds.
The neck is walnut, with a persimmon fretboard.
This one is sold, but more in the same theme are on the way, and will be available at Destroy All Guitars







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The Whale Guitar

The Whale Guitar……. is a project put together by some very talented folks in my hometown of Providence, RI.
I am most honored to be part of this, and really happy to see it coming together so well.

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#1401 Sparrowhawk


Body~ Salvaged quartersawn poplar center block; virginia pine wings, with chestnut barnwood tops
Neck~ Hard maple, with persimmon fretboard

Available at DestroyAllGuitars







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#1311 Sparrowhawk

This is the first of a batch I will be building for sale through DestroyAllGuitars
I made the prototype, called simply “The Hawk” earlier this year.
The new version has a bolt on neck with my new headstock, but is otherwise the same, minus a few custom details.

This one has a salvaged poplar center block, cypress wings capped with elm barnwood, and a hard maple neck with persimmon fretboard.
Subsequent iterations will feature a variety of different woods.
Pickups are Dismal Ax homespun mini humbuckers with Alnico 5 bar magnets inside the coils.
Tuners are Sperzel, and the bridge is a USA made tuneomatic.

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#1308 Road Dog Strat

This is the first Strat-shaped Road Dog I have done.
The body is made from salvaged pine 2×4, neck is hard maple, with a persimmon fretboard.
Pickups are Dismal homespun single coils
Hipshot fulcrum tremolo and locking tuners
New headstock shape, too. It is a bit bigger than my usual one.

Pickguard is a 1966 Alabama “Heart of Dixie” license tag.
1966 was the first year African American citizens were allowed to vote; but although they comprised a large portion of the rural population of Alabama and other southern states, they were heavily disenfranchised by efforts to prevent them from registering.
The Lowndes County Freedom Organization was formed in 1965 to empower black residents of this county, and provide an alternative to the overtly racist Alabama Democratic party. They chose the Black Panther as their symbol, and this subsequently became the icon for a broader movement, as news spread across the country to Oakland, California, where Hughey Newton and Bobby Seale were forming what would become known as the Black Panther Party.

The reaction from the white populace was far from cordial.
Most blacks in the rural south at this time lived as sharecroppers on white-owned farms under oppressive economic conditions, and after the 1966 election, large numbers were forced off these farms and became homeless, with no means of support.
A large “tent city” cropped up in Lowndes County, where many families lived for the next two years while organisers worked to find them jobs and housing.

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#1307 “Heart of Dixie” Road Dog

More license plates..

This one is a classic “Heart of Dixie” Alabama tag from 1962, in unissued condition.
A real piece of Americana for sure.
License plates are fun for me because they relate directly to a pretty specific time and place in history.
Let’s take a peek at this one~

A time and place where a lot of people lost their lives fighting for some pretty basic human rights, stuff most of us take for granted, and this struggle continues to this day.
These are the kind of people that make this country great, and I will be including them henceforth in this blog when referencing their times and their places.
Otherwise it’s just pretty pictures, boring specs, and an occasional bad pun.

The body on this one is made from poplar rafter sections, with a distressed finish on the back~

Brass control plate, jack plate and bridge~

Red maple neck with greyed finish and persimmon fretboard~

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#1306 Mississippi Road Dog

This is the third Road Dog I have done with this green painted bead board that came from the sliding doors from the old Watertown railroad freight station.
I sawed the boards in half, and laminated the top 1/4″ of the green side onto a sassafras back.
Neck is red maple, with persimmon fretboard.
This one is headed across the pond to a delta blues enthusiast in England.

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#1305 “The Hawk”

The body is composed of a salvaged poplar center block, with wings made from spalted sycamore, capped with salvaged elm barnwood.
The neck is red maple, with a persimmon fretboard and tortoise celluloid binding.

The central feature here is a hood emblem from an early ’60′s Studebaker Hawk. The art deco styling of this piece was partly the inspiration for the brass, aluminum and copper pickguard/grille and center overlay.
The pickups are my own homespun mini-humbuckers, with alnico 5 bar magnets in the coils, and aluminum housings I designed, and had fabricated by eMachineShop

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#1304 Muleskinner SC-2

Top: Three piece salvaged ash
Back: One piece cucumbertree, moderately distressed
Neck: Black walnut, with persimmon fretboard, compensated nut
Pickups: Dismal homespun
bridge~ Tele style, Alnico 2, 9000 turns, 7k ohms
neck~ P90/Jazzmaster hybrid, alnico 5 polepieces, 7500 turns 42awg, 6k ohms

Bridge: Callaham, 3 compensated brass saddles
Tuners: Gotoh 510 HAP
Control plate: Custom, bakelite, with nickel silver overlay
Switch plate: Antique cast iron doorknob backplate

This ax is available at DestroyAllGuitars

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