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This is the time of year when the water flows, both from the sky and from the ground. It fills the small creek and its smaller tributary by our house. Both of these are typically dry much of the year, … Continue reading

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Three Barnstormer laminated neck blanks. From left~ walnut and osage orange; cherry and cucumbertree; walnut and cucumbertree. The one on the right will end up looking like this: I am very picky about the wood I use for one piece … Continue reading

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new beginnings

This is where it starts. Right here, and while chicken and egg theories are being debated into the ground, this little sapling will be growing into a red oak, possibly a majestic one, standing for hundreds of years. Maybe it … Continue reading

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screech owl

This little screech owl took up residence in the rafters of our house last year around this time, and later on in the summer found a friend and disappeared. A few days ago, she showed up again in her old … Continue reading

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Redbird redesign

The next few months will see a complete reimagining of the Redbird, a guitar inspired by the song “Red bird” by Arborea, a folk/psych duo from Maine, consisting of Shanti and Buck Curran. The song laments the destruction of the natural world by human development, and … Continue reading

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Barncat video

Well, once again it has been a long time since I posted anything, and not for lack of anything to write about. I intend to get back to updating this blog more regularly with all sorts of details from my … Continue reading

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