Redbird redesign

The next few months will see a complete reimagining of the Redbird, a guitar inspired by the song “Red bird” by Arborea, a folk/psych duo from Maine, consisting of Shanti and Buck Curran. The song laments the destruction of the natural world by human development, and a percentage of the sale of each Redbird guitar will be donated to causes which help alleviate or avert this process. In addition, as Buck has dedicated this song to the people of Japan whose lives have been tragically affected by the recent earthquake, a large portion of these proceeds from the first new Redbirds will also go towards relief efforts there.  He and I have been collaborating on a new design which will still feature eastern red cedar, but will have a small, sleek, double cutaway body, a set neck, and two humbuckers.

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2 Responses to Redbird redesign

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  2. Melissa Kutchuk says:

    One word–beautiful.

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