#1304 Muleskinner SC-2

Top: Three piece salvaged ash
Back: One piece cucumbertree, moderately distressed
Neck: Black walnut, with persimmon fretboard, compensated nut
Pickups: Dismal homespun
bridge~ Tele style, Alnico 2, 9000 turns, 7k ohms
neck~ P90/Jazzmaster hybrid, alnico 5 polepieces, 7500 turns 42awg, 6k ohms

Bridge: Callaham, 3 compensated brass saddles
Tuners: Gotoh 510 HAP
Control plate: Custom, bakelite, with nickel silver overlay
Switch plate: Antique cast iron doorknob backplate

This ax is available at DestroyAllGuitars

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One Response to #1304 Muleskinner SC-2

  1. JR says:

    Awesome. Love the look of the back.

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