#1305 “The Hawk”

The body is composed of a salvaged poplar center block, with wings made from spalted sycamore, capped with salvaged elm barnwood.
The neck is red maple, with a persimmon fretboard and tortoise celluloid binding.

The central feature here is a hood emblem from an early ’60’s Studebaker Hawk. The art deco styling of this piece was partly the inspiration for the brass, aluminum and copper pickguard/grille and center overlay.
The pickups are my own homespun mini-humbuckers, with alnico 5 bar magnets in the coils, and aluminum housings I designed, and had fabricated by eMachineShop

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11 Responses to #1305 “The Hawk”

  1. Dan says:


  2. I’ve been saying for years that there’s nothing made of wood that can’t be made with salvaged or reclaimed wood and this is and amazing example! Although making an acoustic might present some challenges, George “nailed” this one! Hmmmm! nailed….old iron nails for the string pegs? Check here tremontnail.com

  3. Caleb sparks says:

    I think your guitars look like my band’s music sounds.Our name is El Burro.We are made of mostly reclaimed sounds.This is a really good

  4. Alex says:

    In my opinion, it’s a vast improvement over the original Firebird shape. And your multi-metal grille designs are brilliant.

  5. MIke P says:

    Great, great job. Almost a total original.
    I really like the parts made for it. The neck and the binding are a great touch.

  6. patrick says:

    im a totallay guitar beginner (46 years old from germany) and I’m so impressed from the design and the lookout !!!!
    I appreciate that !!!!!!!!
    An I hope i have the chance to get such a guitar in the future !

  7. Jason Phelan says:

    This is a work of art. Bravo.

    Did you make this for Ronnie Hawkins?

  8. gwen says:

    Thank you :)
    No, but that would have been nice!
    The name comes from the Studebaker Hawk emblem.

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  10. j says:

    Love the hawk. Any possibility of more of them becoming available?

  11. gwen says:

    I am doing a limited run of the Sparrowhawk which is essentially the same, but with a bolt on neck and slightly different details, for sale through DestroyAllGuitars

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