#1307 “Heart of Dixie” Road Dog

More license plates..

This one is a classic “Heart of Dixie” Alabama tag from 1962, in unissued condition.
A real piece of Americana for sure.
License plates are fun for me because they relate directly to a pretty specific time and place in history.
Let’s take a peek at this one~

A time and place where a lot of people lost their lives fighting for some pretty basic human rights, stuff most of us take for granted, and this struggle continues to this day.
These are the kind of people that make this country great, and I will be including them henceforth in this blog when referencing their times and their places.
Otherwise it’s just pretty pictures, boring specs, and an occasional bad pun.

The body on this one is made from poplar rafter sections, with a distressed finish on the back~

Brass control plate, jack plate and bridge~

Red maple neck with greyed finish and persimmon fretboard~

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One Response to #1307 “Heart of Dixie” Road Dog

  1. Canaan says:

    Wow! You are posting some great info. I love how you are illuminating threads between the objects, and the time in history from which they were born. It is clear you have a deep connection with the instruments that you create, a blog post like this illustrates just how deep it is.

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