#1405 Barnstormer redesign


So, here is the newly redesigned Barnstormer.
Most of the older ones had a single cutaway, and set neck~


The new ones have a double asymmetric cutaway, and a bolt on neck.
The body is made from salvaged barn rafter sections, with the edges hollowed out before gluing them together.
This one is beech, and weighs just a tad over seven pounds. Others will be oak, elm and maple.
The neck is walnut, with an osage orange fretboard.


The bridge is a one piece, fixed intonation unit of my own design, made from aluminum; details here~ bridge
Pickups are my homespun mini-humbuckers. Two or three single coil arrangements also available
Tuners are Hipshot classic, Sperzels also available.
This ax is available at DestroyAllGuitars






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