So yeah, a little about me, to clear up any confusion, and possibly to cause some.
I used to be called George, but now I am Gwen.
The former was largely a facade built up over a lifetime of fear.
The latter is what crawled out of the ashes of that mess when it became unsustainable.
I am not a man. I am not a woman. I am not gay or straight, or any of the other labels most folks feel they need to apply to people in order to make sense of the chaos that life actually is. I am a person.
I don’t really even like the term “transgender” very much, as I feel it only serves to validate the gender binary, a social construct I have come to regard as an oppressive illusion. Having escaped that trap, I have no desire to be caught in another.
In spite of this, I still prefer feminine pronouns and terminology when suitable gender-neutral ones are not readily available, as they feel more resonant with who I am in the context of the social interactions these words are used in.
To take this even further, I don’t even identify as a luthier, mostly out of respect for those who have spent a lifetime studying and mastering all the manifold aspects of this craft, the conventions of which I blatantly violate on a regular basis.
I am an artist first and foremost; and what that means to me is that I take seemingly disparate concepts and make something new out of them.
Sometimes this is beautiful, sometimes monstrous, often both.
This is my life, this is me.

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8 Responses to me

  1. MaggotBrain says:

    Hello Gwen!
    Love the redesigned guitars. long time fan.,.followed your builds on ProjectGuitar years back. You were kind enough to fix me up with a butternut top for a build of mine even though you normally dont sell wood. Wishing you peace on your new path in life!

  2. gwen says:

    Thanks Jack, good to hear from you :)

  3. Marco says:

    Gwen = creator of two of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever owned!

  4. B C B says:

    Passion, Talent, Courage,Vision. you have it all. Wish you the best. Every time i see a discarded antique door or table I see the wood through your eyes, a future masterpiece. thanks for the inspiration. – Brian

  5. Juanjo says:

    Hey Gwen, I really like your “me”, congratulations.

    Well , Your guitars are fantastic, but I´m a Bassplayer so do not forget us, please.
    I´ll be very happy to see a Bass made by you in your Blog.

    All the best, Juanjo.

  6. Stephen says:

    Hey Gwen …

    Whatever your name is these days you most certainly ARE a luthier AND an artist…
    My Mississippi Road Dog is the pearl of my collection! Keep smiling and doing what you do :)

  7. A person is a marvelous opportunity, one with vision and courage, not afraid to part from convention, is living potential. Namaste. Gwen I wondered on your aluminum stop tailpiece compensated tailpiece design if there is a way to re-engineer it to “palm waiver” and have a subtle bigsby-esqe type ability? Regards, Jim

  8. James Greene says:

    Love your work. This post was very eloquently worded and I really enjoyed it. Your work has been an inspiration to some of my own. Power to you and all that you do.

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