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  This is a journal I am attempting to keep, partly as a means of promoting my work; but also to discuss what I do, how I do it, where I do it, and what motivates me to keep doing it.

  What I do is build electric guitars and basses in my own shop, in a lovely little place called Dismal, in the hills of middle Tennessee. My approach to this enterprise is a bit different than most, as are the instruments that come of it. I use a fair amount of salvaged material from old buildings, typically employing its existing texture and patina in place of a fancy new paint job. I draw inspiration for my work from the natural world around me, and its process of reclaiming the artifacts we impose upon it. Those subjects will be featured here as well; not so much the big, glamorous parts, but more the random, often overlooked ones, the vulgar little details, and the things left behind.

  Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join in, comment, and discuss. Don’t be bashful- I really don’t take myself all that seriously, as you shall no doubt see.

Thank you, and Welcome!


10 Responses to About this blog

  1. Scott Seelye says:

    Do you have a list of guitars that are complete and for sale?

  2. gwen says:

    Hi Scott, at the moment, I don’t have any available, so that would be a very short list :)
    Rebel Guitars has a couple Road Dogs in stock though~

  3. Jeff Van Nostrand says:

    Gwen (George?)

    I recently discovered/fell in love with your work. Just got my “Heart of Dixie” (white license plate, door hinge under knobs) from Rebel. It is fantastic!

    I’d like to speak with you about a custom build. Your Sparrowhawk series has me salivating.

    Thanks, and hope to hear from you


  4. gwen says:

    Hi Jeff
    Yes, it is Gwen now, long story, sorry for any confusion.
    Glad to hear you are enjoying the ax.
    That always makes me happy to hear :)
    I am not doing much custom work these days, mostly focusing on working on my own designs and such.
    But thanks for asking :)

  5. Yuval says:

    wow, i love your work. I would really like to hear how these guitar sound

  6. Chris says:

    Would it be possible to make a set of the mounting brackets you use for the humbuckers in this guitar?

    #1403 Rusticator redesign

    I’d love to use these in a twin humbucker guitar that’s been drilled for mounting rings, I want something more subtle and my preference would be nickel or chrome.

  7. Manny says:

    Hi Gwen!

    I stumbled upon this, amazing blog by chance. Thank you Google! :D

    I admire your work, i really do! Totally my taste. I’m trying to understand how you manage to get these salvaged pieces to blend so nice? You’ve really got an eye for these things, they’re beautiful.

    There are so many different Woods! Brave, and cool. Are there any bodytypes that you simply wont do? I’d LOVE to see a V with your toutch.

    Greetings from Sweden!

  8. clint2u@bellsouth.net says:

    I admire the unique artistic expression that you bring to your work, Gwen. Your approach and execution resonates harmoniously with something deep inside – please keep up the good work!

  9. gwen says:

    Thanks Manny, I am no longer using any established body shapes, focusing on my own.

  10. Phillip says:


    Just wanted to say that I stumbled across your blog while looking around at unique guitars online today and am very impressed. You have some real beauties. I wish I had known about you before I just commissioned my last custom Stratocaster. :) Also, as a Unitarian Universalist minister, I wanted to thank you for the making guitars/art that reflect your personal values–values that I also happen to share. I also wanted to thank you for your courageous post of last July 1. I know it will inspire others who have shared your struggle to embrace and celebrate who they are. Anyway, if my wife allows me to blow some more money on yet another guitar, I will likely be in touch with you down the road. :)

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