Babes in the woods

Spiders in the pantry, spiders in the laundry,
Spiders in the shitter hole….. They’re out of control
Make a truce with the widow and the recluse,
We gotta get along….. Right or wrong.
Cause we’ll never belong…. to the greater good,
We’re just babes in the woods.

Get it from a neighbor, do it for a favor,
Score it in a dumpster dive….. we’re still alive.
Will you hold me in shaky solidarity?
This is not a test….. It’s a fucking mess.
If you expected less….. you misunderstood.
We’re just babes in the woods.

Pick a little nettle, stick it in a kettle,
Pour it in a pickle jar…. it’ll heal the scar.
It’s an old spell, hidden in a dinner bell, 
A compassion play…. scream the pain away.
It’s just another day…. in the neighborhood.
We’re just babes in the woods.

You can be my lover, I can be your mother,
We can have another chance…. Do you wanna dance?
If the straight boys wanna make a little noise,
They can choke on it….. Pitch a little fit.
Cause we don’t take no shit…. but we give it good.
We’re just babes in the woods.