New brand… who’s this?

So yeah… it’s been a while.

Over a year, in fact; a really long year, in which I got very little done.

This is the headstock of an electric tenor guitar I started last summer. I’ll post more about it soon, but right now I wanna talk about my fancy new logo. Don’t worry, I’ll still be using the old one too, but Dismal Ax is a thing I have been hiding behind for too long. I started using it, rather than my name, because my name always seemed weird to me when I saw it in print; and seemed even weirder to apply to my work for some reason. I changed that name several years ago, and feel like I’ve finally grown into it enough to start putting it on my instruments. My more basic solid body electric guitars and basses will continue to get my old logo burned into the front of the headstock, but my fancier custom work, and other kinds of instruments will get this new “GF” inlay. This one is done in aluminum, to go with the hardware on the body. I’m not sure what other materials I will use yet, though. I kinda want to avoid pearl and abalone and such, but we’ll see. Anyway, I’m really happy with it!

2 responses to “New brand… who’s this?”

  1. Hi Gwen
    Love your new logo, very creative. The little tenor guitar is beautiful. I have wondered what happened to you in this last year. My world and everybody elses has changed very much in this testing time.
    Love yourself
    Take care


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