#2301 Swan’s Undine

This was a custom commission for Swan Real, who really liked Undine #2105, which had already sold. Fortunately I still had some of the same color milk paint, so I was able to make another, with different bridge and pickups as requested.
Body is basswood. Neck is maple, with persimmon fretboard and turquoise recon stone markers.
Aqua Boomerang Formica pickguard.
Aluminum compensated bridge/tailpiece combo, Hipshot classic tuners.
Homespun P90ish pickups; 8.4K/7k DCR
Weighs 6.7 pounds.
I took this photo just before Swan contacted me about the guitar. 
This is Messier 17, the Swan Nebula, in Sagittarius.
It’s classified as an H II region, which is characterized by large clouds of ionized hydrogen; a place where stars are born.

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